Secrets of a successful union

10 Habits of Happy Couples

10 Habits of Happy Couples

Do you always wish your partner sweet dreams? Or hug while meeting? Find out what other habits may strengthen your relationship! Pay special attention to the fifth one!

Happy couples know that real relationships start after the honeymoon. They also know that love should be cared for; otherwise, it will simply fade, as a flower does.

Things to do to make your union more intimate

Go to bed at the same time

Do you remember the very beginning of your relationship? What a torment it was to wait until night comes so that you could go to bed with your sweetheart? Happy couples keep this tradition alive even after several years of marriage. They go to bed at the same time even if one of them wakes up earlier.

Develop mutual interests

When passion starts slowly fading away, many couples realize they have not so much in common. But you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of time spent together. Happy couples, even those who haven’t had mutual interests from the very beginning, develop the latter themselves.

There are many ways to diversify our life by changing the atmosphere. Why not go to a new restaurant, visit a new place or exhibition, try diving together, simply move the furniture or even change one’s image?

However, you shouldn’t forget about your own interests and personal space. It will not only make you more interesting for your partner but also deprive you of excessive dependence on your sweetheart. Excessive dependence on another person inevitably leads to symbiotic relationships.

In such relationships, the main desire is a desire for constant being together with a partner, merge with them both emotionally and physically, think and feel the same way. However, this type of human relationship is rather dangerous since it leads to the loss of partners’ individuality and uniqueness.

Thus, to create healthy relationships, we need to have a zone of self-independence, feel our own worth despite the fact of being together or apart from a definite person. Here, we mean a real zone of independence, not the state “I will show him/her that I have my own interests.” It is important to do everything exclusively for yourself, not to prove somebody something.  

Hold hands

Never lose the chance to grasp your partner’s hand while walking. If your hands are not free, at least, try to walk by your partner’s side. Never lag behind or try to outpace.

Learn to trust and forgive your partner “by default”

When happy couples quarrel and cannot decide who is right and who is wrong, they tend to forgive each other and forget everything rather than display distrust and insult.

Pay attention to positive traits of your partner rather than point out their mistakes

We can always find things to criticize. At the same time, there are many things we can praise. Everything depends on the focus. Happy couples aim at noticing exclusively positive moments.

Hug when you meet

It is hard to believe, but our skin has a memory. Our skin can remember “nice touches” (loving), “bad touches” (insulting), and the “absence of touches” (when you are neglected). When people who are in love are hugging, their skins remembers “nice touches,” which increases our life force and strengthens the relationship. Besides, if hugs continue more than some seconds, our organism releases useful hormones, keep that in mind.

Tell each other “I love you” in the morning and wish a nice day

It a great way to store patience for the whole day long, to find enough strength to survive in everyday routine, like traffic jams, queues, etc.

A highly useful tip for women

Remember that men do not usually talk about their feelings directly like girls, so watch out his actions and read between the lines. The point is that we can express our love not just by these three words. So when your partner tells you “Take care,” “Put your coat on, it’s rather cold today,” etc., instead of “I love you,” you shouldn’t have any doubts about his feelings.

Wish each other sweet dreams even if you are tired or insulted

This way you inform the partner that despite the fact that you are insulted by his deed, you still want to be with them. It shows that your relationship matters more than one slight quarrel.

Be interested in your partner’s day

During a day, find some time to call your sweetheart and ask how their day is going. So, you can predict which mood they will have at the end of the day. For example, if they’ve had a nasty day, you shouldn’t wait for a joyful response if you’ve bought something new.

Also, girls, do not forget that men always require distance, that’s it. So, when he comes home in the evening and doesn’t want to answer your questions, do not make up a horrible story of betrayal. REMEMBER THE FOLLOWING POINT. Although men require a good listener from time to time, they simply cannot start telling women all details of their day as women typically do once they come home. It is against male nature. A man cannot let a woman so deeply into his world by answering typical questions like where he was and what was he doing. Women find this hard to realize because they always try to understand their man putting themselves into his boots.      

Be proud of your partner

Happy couples like to be seen together. They are not afraid of demonstrating their relationship – they are holding hands, their shoulders are touching, or they are hugging. They are not proving something to others, this way they are simply letting others know they are together.

Happy couples behave unlike unhappy ones. They have radically different habits. To create a habit, we need time and effort. It is said that to transform an action into a habit, we need to repeat it every day for 21 days. So, choose the habits you want to develop and start practicing. This will definitely help you and your partner become happier.

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