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When he meets his only one

When he meets his only one

The notion of “this very person” or “the only one” is very vague nowadays. Is it possible to spend the whole life just with one partner if we have so many social contacts and connections? Maybe yes. Or maybe not. But the very moment we meet “the only one,” this question disappears. So, here are 7 men’s thoughts when he meets the woman of his life.  

What does he think about?

Will try my best to fulfill her wishes

As one writer said, “love is a state when another person’s happiness is an inherent part of your own.” That is why, if a man is truly in love, he wants her woman to be happy. For this, he will be ready to embody all her dreams, no matter how difficult it may be.

What is he thinking about when he wants to make her happy? He wishes he was a knight killing horrible dragons that threaten his beloved woman.

In reality, he acts differently. It all depends on his possibilities at this time. Yes, today he can invite you for supper in an expensive restaurant, sail on a yacht with you, or give you a precious present. But his feelings for you, his wish to care about the woman he loves may be expressed in a simpler manner. He will care about you when you are sick, make surprises, bring you tasty things every evening, or be respectful and attentive to you. Despite the money spent and the importance of these deeds, they always mean the same – you are his “only one.”

I am ready to become stronger for her

A man always tries to be a better version of himself, regardless of the state of relationship he is engaged in. But when his only woman appears, new motivations drive him on. Now he is convinced that he must try even harder to reach his goals. Because you become his sun in the hardship he is going through, and he wants you to be proud of him. He wants to suggest you the best version of himself.

So, if you do not understand what and how the man thinks when he returns home late again after the gym or staying late at work, look at him and you will realize everything. If his shining eyes and a strong kiss always accompany such late returns, it means he does it for you. Do not be angry with him and do not tell him he is wrong. He needs the gym to be strong by your side. Staying late at work will let him become more successful and start earning more to be able to satisfy all your needs.

I’ve never met such a pretty woman

Women should remember that men love them as they are. Everything about her is beautiful. It is impossible to exactly describe man’s emotions when he sees a woman he has been waiting for all his life. He loves her in all aspects: in wrinkled pajamas right from bed and in gorgeous evening dress. Every moment his breath is taken away. What is he thinking about at this moment? About nothing! He is simply incapable of thinking about anything understanding that the prettiest woman in the world is standing in front of him!

My personal desires are not that important

When a man is single, what are his thoughts? “To marry and live my whole life with one woman? Want her to give birth to many children?”. Well, hardly so. It is hard to want children if you do not know their mother. It is hard to think about family if you do not know who will be by your side.

What does a man think about in reality? Until he meets a woman he is ready to connect his fate with, he surely has had personal goals and desires. They are simple and clear. For sure, he hasn’t dreamed of a new sofa or beautiful interior objects. Once he meets the only one, he realizes that now he has to fulfill dreams and goals concerning you both.

I don’t know how it happened, but I am so happy about it

Luck, fate, or happy coincidence – the reason why he met you may have different names. Sometimes it is even impossible to explain how you got acquainted. You lived in different places (cities or even countries) and till the moment of the meeting didn’t even suspect about each other’s existence. But this meeting happened. Deep in his heart, your man is really grateful for it. 

I am glad my past relationship didn’t work out

Exactly this thought passes through his mind when he understands that you are his only one. No, he won’t complain about his poor previous relationships. He will be happy that he had them because they helped him to prepare to the meeting with the only one. Now he is an experienced man who knows what a woman may want, how to care about her and make her happy.

Hope I haven’t spoiled everything

Have you ever happened to see the fear in his eyes, fear for he has done something wrong? Yes, a man can also worry that he is not strong enough and quick at making decisions! Nobody is ideal.

At such moments, men think they should prove every day that their feelings are serious. That is why you should love your man as he is. And it is vital to tell him about that. If he believes you are the woman of all his life, he will try to impress you every day. He may try to find a new hobby, visit your swimming classes, or make new shelves for your cosmetics in the bathroom.

In case your man fails to do something, try to support him. He shouldn’t even suspect that one his failure may make him look less worthy in your eyes.

To put it briefly, women have to understand that if a man loves, he proves his feelings through actions. Also, he will never hide you from friends, family, or acquaintances because you are the only person inspiring him to act like a man. But remember that taking control over his life, you may influence his deeds. Thus, your wisdom and femininity define your personal happiness as being “the only one.” Listen to your heart and good luck!

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